PUBLIC CONSULTATION: The European Climate Pact aims to involve citizens and communities in climate and environmental action.

28.05.2020. The transition to a climate-neutral society is a challenging task because it is about people and their daily lives: how we produce, consume, move, heat or cool our homes, work and live together. Along with government policies and regulations, citizens, communities and organizations in all sectors of society and economy have their role to play.

To this end and as part of the European Green Deal, the Commission will launch a European Climate Pact to give everyone a voice and space to design climate actions, share information, launch grassroots activities and showcase solutions that others can follow.

Through communication activities and events and by using multiple channels and tools, the Covenant will create awareness and understanding of climate change based on sound scientific evidence. It will also inspire individuals and organizations to get involved and encourage sustainable behaviors.

The Commission wants to hear citizens’ ideas for the European Climate Pact and their views on how to make the Pact as effective, inclusive and ambitious as possible. That is why a public consultation is being launched, to shape the final design of the Covenant.

More information on the consultation is available at:

About the European Climate Pact

The European Climate Pact aims to inform, inspire and encourage cooperation between people and organisations ranging from national, regional and local authorities to businesses, trade unions, civil society organisations, educational institutions, research and innovation organisations, consumer groups and individuals.

Direct consultations with citizens could be organised using formats such as citizens’ dialogues, citizens’ assemblies and more. As appropriate, these platforms will be linked to existing initiatives such as the Covenant of Mayors on Climate and Energy or the CITIZENV dialogues with young people across Europe.

The Green Deal is the EU’s new strategy for tackling climate change, designed to make Europe’s economy sustainable, cleaner, safer and healthier.

The vehicle for promoting this broad social mobilization, which brings together people, industry, civil society and public authorities at all levels, will be the ‘Climate Pact’, which will be launched in the third quarter of 2020.

The online public consultation is open until 17 June 2020.

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New European Green Deal call

27.05.2020. The European Commission has opened a public call to shape a new Horizon 2020 call for proposals that will aim to strengthen research and innovation related to the European Green Deal.

The call for proposals is expected to be published in mid-September and will have a budget of 1 billion euros.

The call seeks to fund projects that provide solutions to the main priorities of the Green Pact, supporting

pilot applications, demonstration projects and innovative products;
innovation for better governance of the green and digital transition;
social and value chain innovation.
In addition to supporting technological development and demonstration, the call also seeks new ways to engage civil society and empower citizens.

This public consultation on the Green Pact allows CILIFO project partners and citizens to provide their assessments for the future Green Pact, which may affect the issues addressed by CILIFO.

The call will be structured in 11 areas, 8 thematic and 3 horizontal:


DEADLINE: 3rd June 2020

More information :

Contact: Beatriz Martínez (


Finnova y la aceleradora Firefighting Open Innovaition Lab-CILIFO, comprometidos con el #EUGreenDeal

30.04.2020. Medidas para proteger la biodiversidad y los ecosistemas, además mejorará la calidad de los océanos y los bosques y desarrollará el concepto de “ciudad verde” para incrementar la biodiversidad en los espacios urbanos.

La Fundación Finnova, beneficiaria del Centro Ibérico para la Investigación y Lucha contra Incendios Forestales (CILIFO)muestra su compromiso con el  #EUGreenDeal de la Unión Europea. La presidenta de la Comisión Europea, Ursula von der Leyen, presentó el Pacto Verde de la UE como un plan que incluye cincuenta acciones concretas para la lucha contra el cambio climático, que pretende convertir a Europa en el primer continente climáticamente neutro en el año 2050. Según la web de la Comisión Europea: El objetivo del #EUGreenDeal es Europa tenga una economía limpia, con cero emisiones, y proteger nuestro hábitat natural para mejorar el bienestar de las personas, de las empresas y que tome el liderazgo en la acción climática en todo el planeta.

Las medidas del Pacto responden a la preocupación de la UE y de sus ciudadanos a causa de los efectos negativos del cambio climático.