CILIFO launches, through the Finnova Foundation, an Accelerathon on prevention and fighting of forest fires, and the post-fire recovery of affected habitats within the Euroregion Alentejo-Algarve-Andalucía

    • This Accelerathon will be introduced during a webinar celebrated next 15thJune 2020.
    • Winners will receive a European acceleration ticket in order to get access to EU funds, internationalize or attract an investment of up to €2 million for a pilot project.

    05.06.2020. Finnova Foundation has organised, as a partner of the Iberian Centre for Research and Forest Firefighting (CILIFO by its acronym in Spanish), an Accelerathon on prevention and fighting of forest fires, and the post-fire recovery of burnt areas.

    This initiative aims to rise a series of innovative challenges in order to employ them in real life for the prevention and fighting of forest fires, and the post-fire recovery of affected areas, using for that purpose EU funds. Additionally, this tool will give visibility to the CILIFO Project and to the activity of cross-border beneficiaries from the Euroregion Alentejo-Algarve-Andalucía.

    Accelerathon-CILIFO encourages networking and open innovation through its incubation programme Firefighting Open Innovation Lab – CILIFO. CILIFO’s accelerator would bring in innovative solutions to common challenges that could receive Community funds applying for open calls of the LIFE programme on Environment, among other EU programmes.

    The Accelerathon-CILIFO will be introduced by Finnova Foundation during a webinar on Zoom that will take place on Monday, 15th June 2020, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. (CEST). We will disclose more information concerning the speakers that will participate in the webinar and how to attend very soon.

    Participate in the Accelerathon-CILIFO here.


    Accelerathon is an acceleration programme for innovative projects powered by Finnova Foundation. Finnova’s methodology aims to find solutions and funding for projects through an applied, online open innovation system. Its objective is to bind together all the actors from the innovative ecosystem related to environment, a domain in which the European Commission is currently working.

    In order to accomplish that purpose, there will be training, mentors, a jury and some very special prizes. One of them is that the winner will have the possibility to present its project to an EU open call, such as the LIFE programme, and receive up to €2 million for its project for a period of three years.


    The aim is to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs 13 and 15 of the United Nations through innovation on the adoption of urgent measures in order to combat climate change and its impacts, and protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.

    The challenges presented are:

    1. Prevention of forest fires.
    2. Fighting of forest fires.
    3. Recovery of habitats after forest fires.

    The purpose of these challenges is to identify innovative solutions, and attract enterprises, public and private entities, startups and entrepreneurs, so they can define their own environmental challenges concerning the prevention and fighting of forest fires, and the post-fire recovery of affected areas.


    Who is it for?

    Accelerathon is an innovation competition for entrepreneurs, universities, institutes of technology, business associations, municipalities, industrial parks, SMEs, and public and private entities from all over the world. The only condition is to be engaged with the above-mentioned challenges.

    Team competition and training

    During the competition, the different teams will be able to make use of e-learning tools and apply the LIFE methodology. A joint work will be developed in order to achieve optimal solutions. Participants will be offered to enrol in a training session on EU funding.

    Duration and awards

    The Accelerathon-CILIFO programme will be held during approximately two weeks, from 17th June (deadline for registration) until 26th June (final round). The prize will be a European acceleration ticket that will provide access to Community funds, to internationalization or to the co-drafting of a European project related to CILIFO’s themes.

    Download the Accelerathon-CILIFO roadmap here.


    Beatriz Martínez Muñoz (EU Project and Communications Officer at Finnova)

    +34 605 52 10 84


    José Manuel Requena Benítez (International Project Manager at Finnova)

    +34 639 99 15 27


Online Conferência sobre agua e empreendedorismo

12.02.2020. On Thursday, 7 May 2020, the «Conference on Water and Entrepreneurship» took place, organized by H2On-line: «Cycle of conferences on the water sector. Topics such as water resources management, current management challenges, water, sanitation, environment and technology will be some of the topics dealt with».

Miguel Lemos Rodrigues from Aguas de Gaia; Bruno Abreu from Sofist; Juan Manuel Revuelta from the Finnova Foundation; and Fernando Miguel Fraga from Acreditia were invited to the session.

During the afternoon of Thursday 07 May 2020, the online conference on water and entrepreneurship was held and various topics were presented, among which Juan Manuel Revuelta, director of the Finnova Foundation, presented the CILIFO Project as an example of good practice.

Specifically, the Iberian Centre for Research and the Fight against Forest Fires (CILIFO) was discussed as a project financed by 75% of the Interreg VA Spain – Portugal – POCTEP (2014-2020) cross-border cooperation programme. It is an example of the strengthening of cross-border cooperation, working procedures and training among the Forest Fire Prevention and Extinction mechanisms in the cooperation area of the Euroregion Alentejo – Algarve – Andalusia. In addition, the Firefighting Open Innovation Lab-CILIFO was presented as an  accelerator/incubator of Start-ups and participants were encouraged to participate if they had an innovative idea related to water and fire.