European Union launches new EUR 50 million pilot project to develop skills and education across Europe

27.04.2020. The initiative is implemented by the Europe<an Investment Fund on behalf of the European Commission, and therefore benefits from EU budget support under the European Strategic Investment Fund (ESSF).

The EU is launching a new pilot project, the Skills & Education Guarantee Pilot (S&E Pilot), worth EUR 50 million, to develop skills and education across Europe. The initiative will encourage investment in education, training, and skills, and support European students, businesses and organisations in the field of education. The initiative will support businesses and students during and after the coronavirus pandemic crisis to ensure that Europe can innovate and stay at the forefront of global technological developments, boost the knowledge economy and accelerate economic recovery.

The European Investment Fund (EIF) and the European Commission are launching a new pilot guarantee scheme to improve access to finance for individuals and organisations wishing to invest in skills and education Skills & Education Guarantee Pilot (S&E Pilot).

The initiative will be piloted in 2020 with the aim of making it a conventional European financial instrument after that year, in the next EU Multiannual Financial Framework (2021-2027).


  • Individuals (students and trainees) – who wish to continue studying and improving their skills through academia, vocational training, lifelong learning and other forms of education.
  • European companies – who contribute and facilitate skills transformation efforts; thus helping to increase the competitiveness and productivity of the company,.
  • European organisations – which are active in the field of skills, training and education or which develop projects in the field of education with the aim of significantly improving the ecosystem of supply of education, training and related skills services

Organisation: European Investment Found (EIF)

Application deadline: 17 May – 30 September 2020

Budget: In its pilot phase, this pilot project will provide an EU guarantee of up to EUR 50 million.

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