Firefighting Open Innovation Lab-CILIFO as an example of good practice in the “Technovation Girls Comunidad Valenciana”.

25.01.2021. Last Saturday 16th January 2021, the launch event of “Technovation Girls Comunidad Valenciana” was held, which aims to break gender stereotypes and encourage girls and teenagers to study careers in science and technology. The CILIFO Project was present at this event as an example of good practice, through the Finnova Foundation, a beneficiary of the CILIFO Project.

Finnova’s CEO, Juanma Revuelta, began his speech by proposing a challenge to the participants in this programme: to create apps that provide solutions to some of the issues raised within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

More specifically, he stressed the importance of finding technological and innovative solutions to mitigate problems such as CO2 emissions into the atmosphere or the proliferation of forest fires. It is at this point where special emphasis was placed on the good work being carried out by the Firefighting Open Innovation Lab-CILIFO, an incubator of entities in forest management, prevention and fight against fires and the recovery of burnt areas.

The TechnovationGirls Comunidad Valenciana was inaugurated by the Deputy Mayor for Innovative Development of Economic Sectors and Employment of the Valencia City Council, Pilar Bernabé, who spoke about the #NoMoreMatildas campaign, a campaign that emphasises the scarce presence of women in educational materials, especially in the field of science. The event was attended by more than ten speakers, including Debra Westall, director of the American Space Valencia, Amparo Oliver, Professor of Psychology at the University of Valencia and director of the study of the impact of the TechnovationGirls programme, and the journalist and writer Nieves Concostrina.

This competition is a real technological challenge for its more than 140 participants aged between 10 and 18, who will work in teams to create an app that provides innovative and creative solutions to a problem in their environment.

Beatriz Martínez Muñoz
European Projects and Communication Officer at the Finnova Foundation

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