Agristarbio’s innovation consists of an organo-mineral fertilizer production system in a closed pressure reactor. This takes advantage of all the nutrients and organic matter from biological sludge of treatment plants, or livestock sludge, to produce a fertilizer that can be customized in its formulation, very efficient, without emissions or by-products. It takes full advantage of Lavoisier’s Law, recycling all the carbon and nutrients from the biosolids | +351 962 826 002

Aratos Systems

ARATOS WorldFireAlarmSystem™ is an integrated fire safety system designed to provide near real-time information by constantly monitoring the entire world via geostationary satellites (NASA, ESA). In the case of fire detection, indication points are generated on the map. The received and processed data is updated at most every 15 minutes, ensuring fast and efficient updating. | +30 210 94 001 33


     Aures Tic

Designers and developers of mobile applications for iOS and Android in any field, integrating UX user experience and UI design, in order to create successful platforms in the market.

Aures TI Consultors SL has developed Control Foc, a tool that provides traceability of agricultural burnings to forestry agents and firefighters so they can have them geolocated, which prevents fires caused by uncontrolled burning.

. | +34 965 318 690


BEE2FireDetection is the first fire detecting system commercially available that relies on artificial intelligence through optical analysis, thermal analysis and spectrometric (forest edition) and on thermal imaging (industrial edition). The BEE2FireDectection architecture is composed of two major parts: the software platform powered by Future-Compta AI  and physical hardware. The cameras connect to the service and the images are processed by the Future-Compta algorithms, in a kind of intelligent control center that does not need hundreds of agents looking at the screens. | +351 214 134 200

          3R-BioPhosphate Ltd

The BioPhosphate project aims to fully replace the mineral/soft rock phosphates in the organic/low input farming sectors and supply natural and safe bio-fertiliser and adsorbent products in a global dimensional business. The 3R-BioPhosphate product solution is the only one available on the market, which is economically enough high concentrated >35%_P2O5 and 100% natural/bio/pure.

The novelty is the revolutionary, break-through and market-creating innovative 3R-zero-emission pyrolysis technology with unique treatment-autothermal performance/opportunities that has been expressively developed to high temperature process animal bones and the specific bio-formulations of the BioPhosphate products

edward@terrenum | +3620 2017557


Sale of prepared cultures of biomethane-generating microorganisms,
Green biohydrogen and bioethanol to optimize your production from waste
(low or no cost). Sale of these biofuels. Optimize your production
up to 60%, lowering the cost of the gas produced. Produce local eliminating
transportation losses. | +34 635598027

           Carbón Emergente

Carbón Emergente uses biochar as a tool for forest fire prevention and post-fire ecological recovery. The pyrolysis process transforms forest residues into biochar, a carbon-negative product that regenerates the health of degraded soils, generating healthier ecosystems and more resilient communities in the face of climate change. | +34 608 295 731

Diagnosis Sistémica

Diagnosis Sistémica consists of technological implementation and integration of environmental strategies, offering solutions to cope with fires and other natural disasters. With a holistic approach it allows a cooperative approach using Big Data, integrating solutions, measuring their efficiency and simplifying the performance, so that the probability of success in the implementation phases improves. The right information with the right focus, enables accelerated results. | +34 635 385 448

Dispositivos Comodín

Drone Hopper works in the design and manufacture of high-capacity drones for firefighting, with night operation, logistics solutions for heavy cargo transport and urban mobility, as well as aerial spraying of large crops. With a unique differential proposal and patented technology, Drone Hopper has an SME Instrument – Horizon 2020, phase 1 and 2 approved by the European Commission. | +34 620 27 79 63

  Drone Hopper

Drone Hopper is a high-tech drone designed to extinguish forest fires. The drone has structural modifications that allow its adaptability according to the different conditions and needs of each forest fire, such as the transport and nebulisation of up to 300 litres of water, control systems, thermal cameras and navigation. | +34 697 12 51 73


EHS VR offers virtual reality experiences for companies to provide training to their employees without risking their lives. EHS VR virtual reality applications show dangerous and potentially life-threatening situations in a safe and controlled environment under professional supervision, combining high-quality 360-degree video footage shot with teams of professional actors and on-site specialists. | +44 7904 023 974


NASSAT has developed FIPAS (Forest Fire Prediction Alarm System), a system that, through the use of Artificial Intelligence, generates a prediction and location of forest fire coordinates through alarms, in APP and Desktops, with Virtual Reality tools to monitor the fire in real time. FIPAS calculates the probability of a fire occurring in advance, and through the use of different algorithms the system detects any sign of fire, such as an increase in temperature, a column of smoke, or a change in light, and gives the alert in real time without the need for perimeter cameras in the environment. | +34 678 613 269


Fire Detection System with IoT that proposes an outdoor system of gas sensors capable of detecting the start of an outbreak, triggering alarms and warnings to the preset recipients, supported by a communication network and a state-of-the-art IOT platform.



ISK Fire Survival

IThe project is based on the design and construction of a refuge against attacks by fire in the forest environment. The kit is composed of three basic elements: a protection launch, an aluminum shelter with autonomous air system and an aluminum protection for vehicles..

AIOSAT (Integrasys)

Integrasys has collaborated with the H2020 project AIOSAT, an  autonomous system for locating rescue and security equipment  both indoors and in rural areas, to create an integrated solution that enables communication and tracking in difficult conditions anywhere in the world, while facilitating deployment and interoperability.

AIOSAT combines different technologies (Galileo, GPS, EGNOS inertial sensors, and RF signal) that, together with its self-deployable communications network, make the location of operators accurate, robust, immediate and available in very adverse conditions | +34 943 212 800


The intrinsic innovation of I-SEE’s aerial scientific observation lies in the use of light and cheap aerial means (airplanes and UAVs). This is possible thanks to the recent miniaturization of the most modern aerial sensors, without compromising their performance. These innovative tools respond to the need for more accurate, faster and efficient management of phases A (prevention), B (fire detection and massive attacks) and C (forest fire management), by collecting, processing and analyzing aerial data with the latest in advanced technology, such as Big Data, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.



KrattWorks offers a system that gives rapid situational awareness to firefighters, rescuers and police officers. We use the artificial vision installed on the drones in order to detect the fire line or missing persons. The KrattWorks drone locates the fire line without human intervention and shares the collected data instantly with multiple users. The mobile network connectivity on board the drone gives it unlimited range and allows it to send the collected information to a server from where it is instantly exported to the platform it is already using. | +372 555 75 124


Kowat is a company that develops sustainable solutions based on nature. Kowat has developed a rover that prevents the formation of vegetation on firebreaks through an innovative thermal control system and artificial vision with RGB models. The vehicle is guided by satellite to position itself above the weeds and attack them, causing intensive damage and desiccation sufficient to prevent their development. | | +34 646 47 83 24

La GIStería

 GIStería designs satellite maps, that allow to follow in real time the evolution of forest fires. The map combines the use of official data of the fires in Spain captured by NASA’s VIIRS (Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer). This is a sensor that allows, among other things, to detect fires. The satellite allows also following the information in real time and analyzing the data in different time slots. | +34 688 60 43 07


Lluvia Sólida

Lluvia Sólida is a potassium-based granular powder. This powder is also degradable, non-soluble and non-toxic, which, when in contact with water, expands and can adsorb up to 400 times its weight in water, and can act as a fire-breaking stream. Due to its characteristics and proven experience, it is foreseen that, by dropping it from the air, it would achieve the objective of extinguishing fires, as an alternative to existing methods. This product can be used to rehabilitate damaged areas, increasing the survival rate of reforested trees by 60%.

. | +55 79 99 14 25

Mediterranean Algae

Creation of the first sustainable land-based cultivation of native Mediterranean macroalgae in Europe. From this, the aim is to create various products of great added value in various fields such as food (both human and animal), cosmetic products and bioremediation both by purifying water and mitigating carbon dioxide emissions – CO2.

.| +34 655 815 216

         MTC Soft

MTC Soft is developing Fire Fighting Drone Fleet, an innovative solution for extinguishing forest fires, using unmanned vehicles (drones) to replace firefighters or traditional aerial means (helicopters and airplanes). These drones are coordinated by a control software to drop water bags on the fire systematically, 24 hours a day, without risking the lives of the pilots and with a much lower operating cost. | +34 910 47 43 51 


NitroFirex was born with the idea of solving the technical barrier between forest fires and night-time aerial extinguishing operations by applying currently available technologies. To this end, it introduces a completely new, worldwide patented unmanned vehicle, consisting of autonomous glider containers (AGC) that are capable of carrying large quantities of extinguishing agent inside their tanks, operating at night in complete safety. NitroFirex thus presents an innovative and globally unique solution that enables active night-time aerial firefighting by combining existing military technology and state-of-the-art RPAS. | +34 606 440 846

         Oddity Analytics

Oddity’s technology would allow locating fires and unusual events in the forest, in a very cheap, fast and safe way by using appropriate algorithms thanks to  the most modern and advanced techniques in the market. For firefighting they intend to create a pilot of a forest condition tracking, monitoring and management system for forest fire prevention by detecting fire in aerial images.

. | +34 670 104 294

 Play & Go

Play&go has developed an educational gamification platform on firefighting . It’s aim is to provide the necessary knowledge for both forest brigades and citizens through an interactive training system. Gamification is especially useful in the field of IoT for fire early warning, as it transfers the mechanics of games to the educational-professional field in order to achieve better results.| +34 626 32 56 61

         Pyro Fire Extinction

Pyro is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of its own products in the field of Control and Extinction of Forest Fires, with the aim of introducing new tools that allow safer actions, with greater control and efficiency in the protection of natural areas against the threat of forest fires. | +34 963 14 51 15

         Quasar Science Resources, S.L.

SIMBAD is a Quasar initiative for the conversion of primary Sentinel mission data into science products ready for use and application to daily activities. This is achieved by introducing a new hardware and software infrastructure that fulfill the requirements for the development, implementation and operation of scientific algorithms applied to Earth Observation (EO) data.

Redarquía Preventiva Digital

Redarquía Preventiva Digital is a new form of collaborative that works with networks, in a horizontal and participatory relationship, taking advantage of the boom in the use of basic and simple technology of WhatsApp to send broadcast messages as quickly as possible and so covering large distances, with the active participation of communities living in risk areas to prevent forest fires.

. | +56 976 68 02 24

         Secalflor SUR

Secalflor SUR manufactures and distributes planting panels composed of 100% natural raw materials: mineral salts, starches and cellulose fibres. These panels favour the rooting and growth of plants and vegetation in extreme weather conditions and in very deteriorated soils, among other causes due to fires. The components of the panels help to keep the soil moist, making it more fertile thanks to the mineral salts incorporated in the manufacturing process and generating more biomass. | +34 696 60 25 32


Scodev is capable of adapting non-amphibious aircraft so that they can load water in mid-flight and unload it over areas affected by forest fires. This system makes it possible to load tankers over all types of water surfaces, whether sea, rivers, lakes or canals, flying over them at an altitude of 10 to 15 meters. The water discharge rate of non-amphibious aircraft is increased from 1 to 5 discharges per hour and, in addition, the extinguishing efficiency over the affected area is 8 times higher than average, which prevents forest fires from becoming uncontrollable.

. | +31 (0) 46 4 266 808

          SIGMA Consulting

The Firefighter of the future Platform is one of the key products of SIGMA Consulting. It is an Emergency Management Platform, a Cloud-based emergency management and support system, with a system of support tools for the coordination of intervention teams in emergency conditions in large outdoor areas and inside buildings. The system consists of a Leadership and Control web platform (a geographic information system, a document platform, a DBMS of non-relational objects) and an Android mobile application, which manages sensors for the monitoring of biometric and environmental condition variables, means of transport and a bidirectional communication system. | +39 06 87 72 55 90


Sylva Hábitat is a multidisciplinary team of specialists in engineering, consultancy and forestry services that works with the aim of providing solutions for the prevention of natural emergencies. Supported by the use of new geographic information technologies such as GIS (Geographical Information System) and LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), they implement strategies for forest management, forest inventory and other types of preventive applications that mitigate the high economic, natural and human costs of direct action in the face of natural emergencies, especially forest fires. “If we know our forests we can know the evolution of fire”. | +34 722 26 97 09


TECHMAP is an advanced robotised rapid response system for the automatic remote extinguishing of forest fires, using precision laser/IR/IIR guided technology. It is the first digitalised model for the execution of long-range forest fire extinguishing manoeuvres, by automatically linking detection with a precise and forceful response within the fire. This system replaces water as the preferred extinguishing resource and has specially developed extinguishing material to provide high suppressive power, the formation of a non-combustible mantle (preventing the development of secondary outbreaks) and avoiding the formation of polluting ash (favouring the restoration of soil and vegetation). | +34 657 690 342


This project’s aim is forest fire management, both in its preventive and extinction aspects, based on the collection of data through sensors on board UAS/UAV drones (LiDAR, hyperspectral/multispectral, thermographic, RGB) and the application of AI tools and innovative technology, that will allow the analysis of all these physical/biological data for an efficient forest management.

. | +34 638 27 87 78

Theksfactory, S.L.

The maintenance of forest masses to prevent the risk of fires involves the extraction of a large amount of plant waste of various kinds. Based on the waste generated by the collection and clearing work, we organise training actions that promote local and circular bioeconomy to generate biocomposites with the aforementioned natural waste and, from them, design and create useful consumer goods for the forest areas.

No web| +34 952225200 / +34 607421397


Innovative solution as an alternative to traditional forest firefighting: smoke is filtered from the forest fire, then pressurised and the gases are used to mitigate the fire, the lack of oxygen in the gases reduces combustion. It creates a more effective and resilient extinguishing system especially where water is scarce in vulnerable landscapes. It is a less physically demanding and longer lasting tool. | +34 649 48 11 11


Umgrauemeio has developed Pantera® Software, a Fire Management Platform, consisting in an end-to-end, SAAS and HAAS solution that supports fire brigades’ action and management to tackle fire outbreaks on their early stages.
Pantera® Software framework translates the foundations of firefighting into tech solutions to provide operational and SDG impact indicators by tackling wildfires in their early stages.​

​ | +55 11 976885877

Entities and projects that collaborate with the Firefighting Open Innovation Lab – CILIFO


AGROMA research group (RMN-9340)

The The Andalusian Research Group AGROMA (RNM-934 (Agronomy and Environment) has as its main objective the study of the properties, quality and functionality of natural, agricultural and degraded soils due to different types of disturbances. The members of the group also make up the laboratory of Soil Microbiology, attached to the CIAIMBITAL research center of the University of Almería, whose objective is to provide services, both to researchers and companies, for the study of physical, chemical, biological and microbiological (metagenomic) properties of soils. / | +34 619956313 / 686624073

Asociación D.I.P.S.O.C.

Camino Benedictino Project

The D.I.P.S.O.C. Association is the Association for Development, Intervention and Participation in Social and Cultural Sustainability of Huelva. D.I.P.S.O.C. is the coordinating entity of ©2008 “CAMINO BENEDICTINO. The Forge of Europe”. The project promotes Rural Development from which to encourage generational change in depopulated Spain through the creation of an Identity Region from which to promote Digital Transformation, Employment, Equality, Rural Tourism, Cultural Tourism and Sustainable Local Development where common European values survive and are defended through the enhancement of its Natural and Cultural Material and Intangible Heritage where the Benedictine Rule remains in the seams of its social worldview. | +34 659 95 48 05

Asociacion Europea De Industria, Tecnologia e Innovacion (AEITI)

The European Association of Industry, Technology and Innovation (AEITI) is formed by a group of entrepreneurs that intend to help and support Spanish companies to advance within Europe and assist them to build bridges with Latin America. Provides the EUROPEAN PRIZE FOR TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION. They carry out different activities with the possibility of commercial exchange with Mexico, USA, France and Italy. | +34 686881665


DISARM (Drought and fIre obServatory and eArly waRning systeM) is an Interreg Balkan-Mediterranean Project whose objective is to develop, validate and apply state-of-the-art observation and modeling techniques to help forest authorities to better prevent, address and mitigate adverse impacts of droughts and forest fires, as well as to monitor the increase in intensity due to climate change. DISARM uses the most advanced observation and modeling techniques in order to build a common prevention and mitigation framework for the Southeast Mediterranean, integrated into a single platform: the “DISARM early warning system. | +30 210 810 91 27


Dronecoria develops biotechnological tools and knowledge with the aim of enabling large-scale, low-cost environmental restoration using seeding drones and conditioned seeds.  “DISARM early warning system. | ++34 630715236


GEFRECON (Joint Forest Management to reduce the risk of forest fires) is a European project of the operational program EP – INTERREG V A Spain Portugal (POCTEP), led by the Ávila Provincial Council, whose objective is to develop innovative actions to reduce the risk of forest fires in the POCTEP territory, implementing joint plans, raising awareness and informing the population on self-protection or encouraging the creation of forestry companies. | +34 920 206 230


SafOS (Safety Operating System) harnesses the power of Data collected from Satellite Sources to predict the probability of forest fire occurrence and also provides reliable Data for possible Ecosystem restoration after forest fire.

In development | +351 968636944