Leadership Program in Open, Strategic and Unique Innovation: Collaborative Projects

08/04/2020. This is aid for collaborative projects of Industrial Research or Experimental Development by companies with operational establishments in Andalusia.

Characteristics of the eligible projects

Industrial Research or Experimental Development Projects:

  • Developed in effective collaboration between several companies, at least three with operational establishments in Andalusia, of which at least one must be an SME, with the paid participation of at least one research and knowledge dissemination organisation in an amount equal to or greater than 15% of the overall eligible budget.

Eligible expenditure

  1. Expenses for research, technical and auxiliary staff.
  2. Costs of newly acquired instruments and materials.
  3. Costs of contractual research, knowledge, patents, as well as costs of consultancy and equivalent services.
  4. General costs directly derived from the project and necessary for its execution.
  5. Other additional operating costs.


  • Self-employed
  • Companies in general
  • Public Research Bodies
  • Universities and their university institutes with proven capacity and activity
  • in R&D
  • Other centers
  • Public R & D Technology Centers and Innovation and Technology Centers.
  • Other non-profit entities that carry out and/or manage R+D+i activities

Organisation: Ministry of Economy, Knowledge, Business and University.

Application period: 75 calendar days from the day following the end of the alarm condition.

The minimum subsidizable budget will be 1,000,000 euros.

Contact: Adrian Noheda: (adrian.noheda@finnova.eu)

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