Podcast – CILIFO Project (EN)

Presentation of the CILIFO Project:


The Iberian Centre for Research and Forest Firefighting (CILIFO) is financed by 75% of Interreg Cross-Border Cooperation Program Interreg V-A Spain- Portugal – POCTEP (2014-2020).

CILIFO is implemented by a public-private partnership composed of 15 beneficiary entities in Spain and Portugal, leaded the Andalusian Regional Government. The project has a duration of 3 years (from 2019 to 2021), and is focused on forest fire prevention and extinction, and climate change adaptation and mitigation. CILIFO’s area of intervention is the Alentejo-Algarve-Andalusia Euroregion.

The general objective of the CILIFO Project is to establish itself as a permanent Centre for cross-border cooperation between Spain and Portugal to promote and develop training, awareness and to develop research and innovation in the field of forest fire fighting.

CILIFO also has three specific objectives: Firstly, to strengthen and combine the cooperation, working procedures and training between the Forest Fire Preventing and Extinguishing devices in the Alentejo-Algarve-Andalucía Euroregion. Secondly, to promote the creation of sustainable employment in rural areas. And thirdly, to improve the response capacity to forest fires.

You can find more information on the website www.cilifo.eu

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