CILIFO as an innovation example in a day of entrepreneurship oriented at young people

03.02.2020. On February 4, 2020, a workshop on Training, Employment and Young Entrepreneurship will be held, organized by the Finnova Foundation in Brussels.

Finnova Foundation, beneficiary of the CILIFO project (Iberian Center for Research and Fight against Forest Fires), organizes on February 4, 2020, a day promoted by the organization itself on Training, Employment and Young Entrepreneurship. The event will be held in the LAB Space of the Spanish Embassy in Brussels, with the aim of bringing the programs that support youth employment to new generations.

CILIFO (Iberian Center for Research and Fight against Forest Fires) will be presented as one of the projects of entrepreneurship, self-employment and return of talent, by the Director General of the Finnova Foundation, Juan Manuel Revuelta, being an example of the promotion of the creation of durable and quality employment in the area and the reduction of the economic cost of fires creating a rural economy linked to the landscape. Similarly, the Firefighting Open Innovation Lab will be presented, an accelerator managed by Finnova, based in Seville, which has the vocation to promote a network of incubators, under a regime of public-private partnership, worldwide, to capture innovation and technology that pursues the fight against forest fires and the mitigation and adaptation of climate change.

Currently, youth unemployment has reached more than worrying levels. The European Union and the governments of the different member countries have implemented measures to try to solve the problem through entities such as the European Social Fund and the European Commission.

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