ILIFO celebrates the European Day of Natural Parks

24.05.2020. The first European national parks were declared in Sweden on 24th May 1909. To commemorate this day, the EUROPARC Federation, a pan-European organization created in 1973 that brings together institutions dedicated to nature conservation and protected natural areas in 38 countries, has been promoting the celebration of the European Day of Parks since 1999.

The Iberian Centre for Research and the Fight against Forest Fires (CILIFO) aims to strengthen cooperation infrastructures, improve existing infrastructures and build new ones. With the investment foreseen in the project, work will be done on the improvement of certain facilities for their shared use by the partners. Most of these facilities are more than 20 years old, and many of them need to be remodeled according to the new accessibility and structure requirements. Others are newly constructed and are critical operational links for mobilizing personnel and resources in the fight against forest fires. In addition, CILIFO, as a reference centre, will have an infrastructure where its headquarters and central offices reside to provide service to the entire Alentejo-Algarve-Andalusia (AAA) Euroregion.

CILIFO focuses on the fight against forest fires and their consequences for the adaptation and mitigation of climate change; within a framework of cross-border cooperation for the prevention of risks and the improvement of the management of natural resources in Spain and Portugal in the area of the Euroregion Alentejo – Algarve – Andalusia. For this reason, it wants to join the celebration of the European Day of Natural Parks and its motto this year “Nature, good for your health”.

For more information on the European Day of Nature Parks:

Contact: Beatriz Martínez (EU Project Officer at Fundación Finnova)


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